S-biner Plastic Dual Carabiner #8

COLOR: Black

The S-Biner Plastic features a unique double-gated design with a durable plastic body and stainless steel gates in a variety of sizes, creating a perfect way to hold, secure, and connect everything from keys to water bottles to large equipment and bags. Made of lightweight plastic and available in a variety of sizes, the S-Biner Plastic Dual Carabiner has the same functionality of the original S-Biner with lightweight durability and nearly endless uses. Ultra-handy dual spring gates will hold, secure, and connect everything from house keys and water bottles to large equipment, bags, and gear. Hang and store items in the garage, clip gear while on-the-go, or connect many items together. Smaller-sized S-Biners (#2) are excellent for securing individual keys to rings or zippers on clothing and for connecting two zipper sliders on backpacks, duffels, and suitcases. Medium sizes (#4 - #6) connect everything from water bottles (to belt loops or backpacks), boots, skates, waders, sports gear, garden gloves (to garage hooks and hanging straps), and reusable grocery bags (to closet pegs and grab handles in your car). Larger sizes (#8 - 10) connect necessities to stroller handles, fit over the handles of larger lawn tools and closet rods, and can hang and store bikes, hoses, heavy tools, extension cords, and sporting equipment, making organizing sheds and garages a snap.

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