LITTLE RIVER CANYON - Climbing Guidebook

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Heading to Little River Canyon for a climbing trip? This comprehensive guidebook contains tons of climbs for the lower, middle, and upper canyon. Climbs are rated in mullets.

This book is broken down into subsections with information on:

  • Lynn Overlook
  • Concave
  • Crazy House
  • Toomsumba
  • Grey Wall
  • Jungle Gym
  • Wave Wall
  • Wrong Turn Wall
  • Lizard Wall
  • Chocolate Wall
  • Spider Wall
  • Crow Point
  • Brandnubia
  • Liquor Wall
  • Grace Falls
  • Ninja Wall
  • Unshackled
  • Delicious
  • Johnny's Creek
  • Lost Wall

By: Adam Henry

Published by: Rockery Press


Mountians during the Sunset