Alcohol Free Secret Stuff Chalk

SKU: 61866

Alcohol Free Secret Stuff is ideal for dry, arid climates and sensitive skin. This odor-free, gel-based liquid chalk is easy to apply and can be used as a total chalk replacement or in conjunction with your preferred loose chalk.

We have the most fun when were consistently performing at our best. Originally developed to meet the demands of rock climbers, FrictionLabs chalk products are used and trusted by top athletes in all sports that require dependable, long-lasting grip.

This isnt the generic chalk from China youre used to using. Stripped of all unnecessary fillers and responsibly refined in Denver, Colorado, FrictionLabs high purity magnesium carbonate provides unrivaled moisture absorption in a single application and is great for all skin types.

Since 2013, weve helped thousands of athletes find a chalk they can rely on for every move.

Better performance = more fun.

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