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  • Glacier Stainless Kung Foon

    GSI Outdoors

    Glacier Stainless Kung Foon


    This unique ultra-clean camp utensil gives you the function of a spoon, fork and a set of chopsticks. When placed together, they combine to form a long handled spoon that's ideal for scraping the last bit of food out of a narrow backpacking pot or a...

  • Alpine Spatula

    MSR Gear

    Alpine Spatula


    In the backcountry, a utensil needs to be more than a just a utensil. They should multi-task, and be compact and light enough to bring anywhere without hesitation. With that in mind, we built all of our utensils to fold with the simple squeeze of a...

  • Jetset Utensil Set


    Jetset Utensil Set


    Enjoy the comforts of your dining table without hauling heavy silverware along with the Jetset utensil set. Jetboil's high-temperature nylon designs can withstand the heat, making them perfect for cooking and stirring food on your Jetboil cook stove...

  • LiteLifter

    MSR Gear



    Weighing only 1 ounce, the MSR aluminum LiteLifter pot grip safely lifts 2-liter pots of liquid.

  • Handheld Piezo Ignitor

    MSR Gear

    Handheld Piezo Ignitor


    The MSR Piezo Igniter reliably lights most canister stoves with push-button convenience. The ignition element is protected inside the igniter's tube, making it far more reliable than stove-mounted igniters and the tube also collects a small amount of...