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The North Face

The North Face

The North Face Apparel & Gear

It may have attained household name recognition, but The North Face is anything but an ordinary apparel company. Built on a reputation for creating clothing that is lightweight, breathable and quick-drying with a full line of clothing appropriate for every season, The North Face also believes it has a role in shaping the future of humankind and the world around us.


That may sound like a lofty goal for a clothing company, but The North Face has always been up to the challenge, feeding off the thrill of exploring new possibilities and achieving new heights.


The North Face features a full line of clothing for men, women and children, with a focus on adventure and athletics over fast fashion. From shorts and tees to jackets and hoodies, The North Face provides protection from the elements, whether sun, rain or snow. 


Of course, a company with a goal of making its mark on the world isn’t going to be satisfied with just making high-quality apparel. 


To understand The North Face of today, it’s helpful to take a look back to where it began, in 1966, with a modest shop in San Francisco that soon morphed into a cultural trading post for a generation. 


Always a trailblazer, The North Face revolutionized backpacking with the introduction of the first internal frame pack just three years later. Through the decade of the 70s, The North Face sharpened its focus on the environment by repurposing Vietnam-era surplus materials and advocating for protection of wildlife. This was also the decade The North Face took a stand against the Alaskan pipeline due to its effect on Alaska’s ecosystem. 


This was also the decade The North Face created the first dry, breathable, truly all-weather apparel, setting the stage for things to come. 


The 1980s brought the introduction of Extreme Gear with GORE-TEX fabric for the skiwear market. The Mountain Jacket soon followed and finally, iconic fleece. The decade closed out with The North Face co-founding The Conservation Alliance, joining other members in distributing its collective dues for membership to protect North America’s last truly wild places. 


Later, the company introduces the Nuptse jacket, which becomes iconic immediately. The years that followed would not only highlight the creation of new, innovative clothing, but also a growing commitment to the world in which it operates. In 2010, The North Face launched the Explore Fund in an attempt to promote opportunities for nonprofits to bring people closer to nature. 


Sharpening its focus on circularity and sustainability, The North Face would launch Clothes the Loop in 2013, allowing consumers to drop off clothing and footwear, and continuing a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of the manufacture of its products.


Today, The North Face continues its commitment to sustainability with everything it does, from helping consumers to shop sustainably to ensuring its gear gets an extended, and eventually second, life. The North Face combats the amount of clothing ending up in landfills with three programs: its Limited Lifetime Warranty program, its Renewed Collection and its Clothes the Loop program.


Rest assured, the company is striving daily to reduce its impact on the environment, from start to finish.  Check out our line of The North Face apparel.