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  • Mondo Chalk Pot

    Black Diamond

    Mondo Chalk Pot


    The Black Diamond Mondo Chalk Pot is the ultimate bouldering essential, with a stable design and magnetic closure to minimize accidental chalk dumps. Brush holders are compatible with a variety of brush sizes, a zippered pocket easily accommodates your...

  • Simulator 3D

    Metolius Climbing

    Simulator 3D

    The latest generation of the #1 selling training board in the world! The Simulator 3D offers a massive variety of holds. The holds are arranged along a broad arc that tapers outward and downward for better ergonomics and reduced injuries. Fine grained...

  • Project

    Metolius Climbing


    A compact board that's easy on the wallet, yet delivers a solid assortment of holds. The holds are arranged along a broad arc that tapers outward and downward for better ergonomics and reduced injuries. Fine grained texture is skin friendly. Includes a...

  • Small Micron

    Black Diamond

    Small Micron


    An attractive, shiny, metal accessory biner perfect for attaching climbing shoes, water bottles and keys to your pack. (sold in single units and colors may vary)

  • Rock Rings 3D

    Metolius Climbing

    Rock Rings 3D


    An innovative, portable training device. Comes with two independent units - each with flexible single point suspension, which allows for the rotation of your joints, thus reducing the risk of injury. Fine grained texture is skin friendly. Includes a...

  • Kliff Rope Bag


    Kliff Rope Bag


    Designed for sport climbing, the KLIFF rope bag accommodates essential climbing gear (harness, quickdraws, shoes...), plus ropes up to 100 m. The opening system is practical, offering quick access to gear without having to lay the back panel on the...

  • Gym Chalk Bag

    Black Diamond

    Gym Chalk Bag


    Designed with the gym climber in mind, the Gym Chalk Bag has an integrated, refillable chalk ball, a slot for your lead cert tag, a brush holder and can clip directly to your harness. To keep chalk dust to a minimum, many gyms require climbers to use a...

  • Half Dome - Women's

    Black Diamond

    Half Dome - Women's


    Completely redesigned from the ground up, the Black Diamond Half Dome is the evolution of our most popular climbing helmet. With an improved fit and weight savings of more than 40 grams over the original, the Half Dome is an all-purpose workhorse ideal...

  • Half Dome Helmet

    Black Diamond

    Half Dome Helmet


    The tried-and-true construction of our classic Half Dome helmet, now with new low-profile suspension, updated outer shell and secure, streamlined headlamp clips.

  • Bouldering Brush - Small

    Black Diamond

    Bouldering Brush - Small


    Featuring tapered bristles to reach those hard to access holds and an ergonomic handle for hand clearance while scrubbing holds, the BD Boars' Hair bouldering brush keeps your project clean for the next burn. When the holds on your project need a good...

  • Finger Tape - 1/2" Roll

    Metolius Climbing

    Finger Tape - 1/2" Roll


    100% cotton athletic tape, improved adhesive and fabric. Includes illustrated, step-by-step taping instructions. Be sure to check out the video links above for instructions on taping for split finger tips.

  • Ropemaster HC

    Metolius Climbing

    Ropemaster HC


    The world's first and best selling rope bag. Its redesigned tarp facilitates easier loading, and there is a window for quick cord identification. The Ropemaster HC also has unbreakable aluminum buckles.

  • Basic Pad

    Metolius Climbing

    Basic Pad

    A stripped-down version of the Session II Crash Pad that makes a great entry level pad or is a great addition to the quiver. Suitcase-style carry handles, waist belt and padded shoulder straps. 4” sandwich foam design for maximum impact absorption and...