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Smartwool Socks and Apparel

Smartwool lives up to its name with its complete line of high-quality Merino wool socks and apparel. Whether you’re kicking butt or just kicking back, you’ll appreciate the comfort and style of Smartwool apparel. 


Why Merino wool? Because Smartwool knows that nothing takes moisture away from your skin’s surface like Merino wool—before it turns to sweat. Whether biking or running—or wherever your adventures take you—Smartwool socks and apparel keep you comfy, cool and performing at your best. 


But Smartwool is focused on more than putting out an amazing line of socks and apparel. It actively focuses on the bigger picture, which is to erase climate change and ensure full access to the great outdoors for generations to come. 


To do so, Smartwool believes in focusing on the small, everyday choices that add up to something extraordinary. 


So far, Smartwool has recycled 7.5 tons of wool through its Smartloft insulation process and committed to supporting the conversion of 700,000 acres to regenerative farming. 


Regenerative farming is a sustainable and rehabilitation approach to agriculture. It includes practices like regeneration of topsoil and improving the health of farm soils, enhancing ecosystem processes, focusing on practices that build resilience to climate change, increasing the farm’s biodiversity, enhancing the water cycle and supporting biosequestration—the capture and storage of atmospheric greenhouse gases through biological processes. Supporting regenerative farming isn’t a focus on just one particular practice, but instead supporting a combination of sustainable agricultural practices. 


Smartwool is also committed to the use of plant-based dyes, another component of its overall commitment to the planet. Dyes derived from plant sources enable the company to avoid artificial dyes, saving water and energy in the process. 


Pair that with Smartwool’s use of ZQ-certified Merino wool and its customers can be assured a closer relationship with nature. 


ZQ-certified wool is a world-renowned, certified standard for the ethical production of wool, awarded to those adhering to strict standards for animal welfare, a commitment to sustainable practices and social responsibility—all while producing high-quality fiber products.


Smartwool uses plant-based dyes derived from sources like Madder Root, Indigowoad Root and Granatum, among others. The company’s sustainability roadmap includes the goal of producing products that use fewer chemicals and natural resources. 


By 2030, Smartwool is committed to using 100% climate-positive wool, as well as all regenerative materials and circular products. In addition, Smartwool is part of the Responsible Packaging Movement, collaborating with other companies within the outdoor sector, to actively work toward elimination of polybags. 


Smartwool is also focused on creating a more circular supply chain with the ultimate goal of collaborating across the industry to advance recycling technology and practices as means of reducing the amount of raw material that ends up in landfills. 


With Smartwool, the goal is not only to design durable, comfortable socks and apparel, but to ensure they are fully recyclable so that fewer virgin raw materials are used in future production of their products. 


All this commitment to environmental sustainability doesn’t mean Smartwool is shrinking on its commitment to a high-quality product. Its natural Merino wool continues to deliver. 


Ready to take a look at our complete line of Merino wool socks and active apparel?