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Rack Accessories

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  • Anchor Straps

    Yakima Racks

    Anchor Straps


    Create up to two mounting points for Bow/Stern tie-downs on virtually any vehicle. Includes two nylon webbing straps that can mounted directly to the vehicle, inside the hood.

  • Hood Anchor

    Yakima Racks

    Hood Anchor


    Our Hood Anchor creates a secure attachment point at your hatch, trunk or hood for bow and stern tie downs.Sold in pairs, they're highway-speed strong, coated to protect your vehicle's paint job, and super easy to use - just drop them in place.

  • SlimShady Awning | Car Racks | J&H Lanmark

    Yakima Racks

    SlimShady Awning

    Made for the shade, our new awning delivers excellent protection from searing sun and sudden showers. It mounts quickly and easily to the side of your base rack and only takes up six inches of bar space so it won't crowd your kayaks, cargo boxes, or...