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Patagonia Apparel

When you wear a piece of Patagonia apparel, you not only make a fashion and function statement, you tell all those around you that you care about the world we live in. 


That's because Patagonia is more than just premium clothing for the adventurer and the adventuresome in spirit.  Every article of Patagonia clothing—be it jackets, pants, shorts, tees, polos, sweatshirts or vests—is manufactured using the guidance of the company’s ongoing dedication to robust environmental and animal welfare responsibility programs. When you wear Patagonia apparel, you've not only made the smart choice for long-lasting active wear, but you've played a role in caring for our planet and its inhabitants. 


Organic and recycled fabrics, along with a number of other programs focusing on sustainability and social responsibility, are at the heart of everything Patagonia does. The company stays completely focused on the impact its apparel manufacturing has on those local communities where it is produced. The goal is not only to lessen any harmful impacts, but to improve the lives of all it touches. 


Put quite simply, Patagonia believes the drastic climate changes seen over the past century are no coincidence. Intense production practices developed during this time for growing food and fiber, coupled with industrial processing and use of harmful chemicals, is a main cause behind climate change--perhaps even as much as a quarter of all annual emissions. That's why Patagonia is committed to less-impactful approaches to farming--those that create healthy soil and fewer emissions. 


Of course, Patagonia's line of premium clothing not only looks and feels great, but it is made to last. Using only the highest-quality materials, every piece of apparel bearing the Patagonia name is artfully-made and quality-inspected to assure you a functional, fashionable, long-lasting article of clothing.


Take Patagonia’s 1/4 zip sweaters for men and women. This popular top comes in a variety of colors and styles and its versatility can’t be beat. 


Looking for something to keep your youngest explorer cozy warm? Patagonia offers a line of outerwear for kids of all ages, beginning with its Baby Furry Friends Hoodies and Baby Micro D Snap-T Jackets.  


You’re sure to find something for everyone in the family, including outerwear—like Patagonia's men’s Nano Puff Jackets. Available in two colors, their shells of 100% recycled polyester block the wind and shed dampness. Plus, it’s amazingly lightweight, despite its ability to trap heat, making it the perfect option for layering or wear it on its own.


Even something as basic as a closet staple like Patagonia’s lightest-weight Mainstay tee for women is carefully and purposefully constructed of super soft 60% organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester to leave as small of a carbon footprint as possible. 

When it comes to the quality of its clothing and its commitment to the environment and social responsibility, Patagonia doesn't cut corners. Take a look at our complete line of Patagonia apparel and gear.