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Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research

  • Aksel Work Gloves

    Outdoor Research

    Aksel Work Gloves


    The Aksel Work Glove can change a tire in a blizzard just as well as it can change your boots from walk mode to ski mode before you hop on the chairlift. It's a classic work glove that's warm enough...

  • Bugout Brim Hat

    Outdoor Research

    Bugout Brim Hat


    To heck with pesky, biting, swarming, buzzing bugs. The Sentinel Brim Het is treated with Insect Shield and helps protect against mosquitos, tikcs, and other biting insects. A wide brim, mesh vents...

  • Exit Sensor Gloves

    Outdoor Research

    Exit Sensor Gloves


    Looking back down onto town from the top of Snow King, with the late-autumn light painting the valley every shade of purple, the Exit Sensor Gloves let you snap a quick picture with your gloves on...

  • Face Mask Kit

    Outdoor Research

    Face Mask Kit


    When it comes to keeping yourself and others healthy, all-day comfort is just as important as exceptional protection. That’s what Outdoor Research designers set out to do when we promised the...

  • Fairbanks Fingerless Gloves

    Outdoor Research

    Fairbanks Fingerless Gloves


    When you need a fingerless glove, you've reached an iconic use scenario where absolutely nothing else will do. Hard-working and hard-playing fishermen across the globe have known that for centuries...

  • Illuminator Sensor Gloves

    Outdoor Research

    Illuminator Sensor Gloves


    The versatile, warm and waterproof Illuminator Sensor Gloves are undercuff-style alpine climbing/ski gloves equipped with touch-screen compatible Sensor technology, so you can snap a summit shot...

  • Interstellar Rain Bucket

    Outdoor Research

    Interstellar Rain Bucket


    Sharing the same name as Outside Magazine’s Gear of the Year award winner, the Interstellar AscentShell Rain Bucket is the perfect hat for all of your wet weather adventure goals. A stowable design...

  • Men's Apollo Rain Jacket

    Outdoor Research

    Men's Apollo Rain Jacket


    Downpour days can feel like a mission all on their own; braving the rain, wind, and all-around discomfort that comes with the onset of a flash storm. Those are the days you'll want to have your...

  • Men's Backstop Sensor Gloves

    Outdoor Research

    Men's Backstop Sensor Gloves


    The Backstop Sensor Gloves are the ultimate high-energy liners, combining maximum wind protection and superb breathability with touch-screen compatible Sensor technology. With a Radiant Fleece palm...

  • Men's Ferrosi Hooded Jacket

    Outdoor Research

    Men's Ferrosi Hooded Jacket


    Windy, chilly, rugged adventures call for Ferrosi. Long-time award winner and best seller, Ferrosi is the soft shell collection infused with movement-mirroring stretch and durable, abrasion-resistant...

  • Men's Fortress Sensor Gloves

    Outdoor Research

    Men's Fortress Sensor Gloves


    Built to accompany the new Fortress Jacket as our premier undercuff ski glove, the Men's Fortress Sensor Gloves take backcountry handwear protection to a new level. A GORE-TEX insert ensures 100%...

  • Men's Nomad Sun Hat

    Outdoor Research

    Men's Nomad Sun Hat


    When you can't catch a break from the sun or heat - and staying inside just sounds boring - it's time to don the Nomad Sun Hat. Combining the very best in wide brimmed sun protection, and breathable...

  • Men's Turnpoint Sensor Gloves

    Outdoor Research

    Men's Turnpoint Sensor Gloves


    Classically handsome and stealthily high-tech, the felted wool Turnpoint Sensor Gloves feature conductive suede finger tips that work with touch-screen-sensitive devices. Quilted suede palms add grip...

  • Men's Versaliner

    Outdoor Research

    Men's Versaliner


    When the weather turns suddenly uncooperative, the VersaLiners are water resistant and offer breathable insulation for high-energy adventures. With a 100-weight Radiant Fleece insulating liner and a...

  • Men's Versaliner Sensor Gloves

    Outdoor Research

    Men's Versaliner Sensor Gloves


    When the weather turns uncooperative, the Women's Versaliner Sensor Gloves offer high-activity insulation and cold weather protection. We've wrapped the latest version of these best sellers with our...

  • Papyrus Brim Sun Hat

    Outdoor Research

    Papyrus Brim Sun Hat


    Make your own shade with the wide-brimmed Papyrus Brim Sun Hat. Paper straw fabric provides excellent breathability, while a Supplex lining provides UPF 30 protection. A removable chin cord keeps the...