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Osprey Packs

Osprey Packs

  • Sylva 5

    Osprey Packs

    Sylva 5

    $89.95 - $130.00

    If you like carrying your hydration on your back, but not much else, the women's-specific Sylva 5 is your pack. An included 2.5-liter reservoir keeps you from going thirsty and a separate main...

  • Syncro 12

    Osprey Packs

    Syncro 12


    With features and comfort that match your expectations of a top-tier mountain biking pack, the Syncro 12 is the ideal pack to carry a full day of gear in hot and humid climates. When you’re pedaling...

  • Syncro 5

    Osprey Packs

    Syncro 5

    $89.95 - $130.00

    When you want to carry hydration on your back-and not much else-the Syncro 5 is your answer. It's everything you've come to expect in an Osprey pack, plus an AirSpeed 3D-tensioned backpanel that...

  • Talon 22

    Osprey Packs

    Talon 22


    Whether you're bagging peaks or bikepacking, the Talon 22 is the perfect carry solution. This lightweight pack features a breathable, close-to-body AirScape backpanel and continuous-wrap harness and...

  • Talon 26

    Osprey Packs

    Talon 26


    The Talon 26 is a streamlined top-loader with the cargo space and features you need for peak bagging and bikepacking. An injection-molded AirScape® backpanel and a continuous-wrap harness and hipbelt...

  • Talon 33

    Osprey Packs

    Talon 33


    Designed for dynamic body movement, the Talon 33 is a streamlined top-loader for light-and-fast overnights or committing day trips. An injection-molded AirScape backpanel and a continuous-wrap...

  • Talon 36

    Osprey Packs

    Talon 36


    The Talon 36 is adept at overnight trips and ultralight ascents. An injection-molded AirScape® backpanel and a continuous-wrap harness and hipbelt allow the pack to move with you when navigating...

  • Talon 6

    Osprey Packs

    Talon 6


    Minimalist day hikers, trail runners and anyone who wants to be prepared with the essentials but without extra bulk will appreciate the Talon 6. With room for a pair of water bottles, a rain jacket...

  • Talon Jr

    Osprey Packs

    Talon Jr


    Designed for boys 4-12 years old, the pint-sized Talon Jr. is at home hiking, biking and more. Comfortable AirScape suspension flexes and moves with the child's body and a seamless lumbar-to-hipbelt...

  • Tempest 20

    Osprey Packs

    Tempest 20


    The Tempest 20 is the perfect panel-loading, day-hiking, biking or peak-bagging carry solution with a women's-specific fit. Featuring a continuous-wrap harness and hipbelt and injection-molded...

  • Tempest 24

    Osprey Packs

    Tempest 24


    The women's-specific Tempest 24 offers the top-loading cargo space you need whether you're peak bagging or bikepacking. An injection-molded AirScape® backpanel and a continuous-wrap harness and...

  • Tempest 30

    Osprey Packs

    Tempest 30


    A women's-specific streamlined top-loader, the Tempest 30 was made to support big and small adventures alike. Whether you're out for a light-and-fast overnight or a committing day trip, an...

  • Three Magnet Kit

    Osprey Packs

    Three Magnet Kit


    The Osprey Sternum Three-Magnet Kit enables you to equip any Osprey pack with an integrated connection point for the innovative HydraForm reservoir' drinking tube (system sold separately). The kit...

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  • Transporter 65

    Osprey Packs

    Transporter 65


    Transporters are tough, high-quality duffels designed to withstand the rigours of adventure. Representing the pinnacle of performance in expedition-style duffel bags, Transporter features premium,...

  • Transporter 95

    Osprey Packs

    Transporter 95


    Transporters are tough, high-quality duffels designed to withstand the rigours of adventure. Representing the pinnacle of performance in expedition-style duffel bags, Transporter features premium,...

  • Ultralight Dry Stuff Pack

    Osprey Packs

    Ultralight Dry Stuff Pack


    Simple, ultralight, packable. This waterproof daypack is the perfect companion on trips where additional cargo options are needed, but space and weight are at a premium. Simple doesn't mean short on...

  • Ultralight Packing Cube - Large

    Osprey Packs

    Ultralight Packing Cube - Large


    For those who don't fold and prefer to roll, the Ultralight Packing Cubes are perfect for keeping shirts, underwear, socks, trinkets, sardine cans, and anything else you could dream of organized. In...

Osprey Packs

Gear up with backpacks and luggage from Osprey. With a multitude of styles available, it’s easy to see how Osprey has become the go-to for outdoor adventure gear.


But Osprey is more than a gear company. The company has a rich history of doing its part to ensure that everyone has access to the enjoyment of exploring all the great outdoors has to offer. 


Founded in the front of its creator’s rental home in 1974, the company began by customizing backpacks. It would later move to Southwest Colorado where it continues its commitment to ensuring outdoor adventures are open to everyone, everywhere. 


Today, every design still runs past founder Mike Pfotenhauer and the company staff has grown into a melting pot of diverse cultures, backgrounds and personalities that all come together under the guiding principles of innovation, integrity, quality, respect and stewardship. Its products continue to build on a foundation of custom-fit, utility and comfort. 


You probably won’t be surprised, then, to learn that Osprey is about more than great outdoor gear and luggage. It is dedicated to the planet, supporting the conservation of public lands as vital resources on the individual and collective level. It is also working to reduce its own negative impacts on the environment.


Recognizing the need to mitigate the effects of climate change, the company works to reduce its carbon footprint through energy conservation, renewable materials and mitigating waste. 


Osprey has partnered with numerous organizations and non-profits with proven abilities in climate change action, as well as reduction of environmental hazards and its afore-mentioned conservation and stewardship of the country’s remaining vulnerable wild frontiers. 


Osprey is a supporter of The Conservation Alliance. Since 1989, the organization has used the collective power of its supporting businesses and communities to advocate and fund protection measures of North America’s final wild places. 


Osprey’s commitment to sustainability is also reflected in its products. In addition to being manufactured with the most durable materials available, Osprey offers the All Mighty Guarantee. The latter works to reduce the amount of product entering landfills by agreeing to repair any of its products, whether purchased last year or decades ago. 


Osprey uses the best materials and implements the safest chemical processes available to ensure protection not only of the environment but of the people all along the supply chain. 


The materials used in Osprey’s backpacks and luggage are made with the lowest possible impact on the environment, including recycled materials. A third-party lab is used for auditing to ensure the program continues to improve. Osprey is also committed to continued efforts to reduce its packaging. 


Rather than unsafe chemicals, Osprey relies on water repellents and dyes that avoid harmful chemicals. The manufacture of Osprey products is focused on the safest chemicals whenever possible, mindful that only the minimal amounts of chemicals required should be used. 


Osprey is aware of the concerns raised over the conditions endured by manufacturing workers. To that end, the company has implemented its world-class factory code of conduct, using a third-party auditing to confirm compliance. 


Ready to get your gear on? Launch your next adventure with backpacks and luggage from our line of Osprey products.