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Osprey Packs

Osprey Packs

  • Hydraulics Bite Valve

    Osprey Packs

    Hydraulics Bite Valve


    Osprey's Hydraulics Bite Valve provides a high-quality replacement for your old, neglected and beat up bite valve. The bombproof twist shut-off design guarantees you won't experience any unpleasant...

  • Hydraulics Hose Magnet Kit

    Osprey Packs

    Hydraulics Hose Magnet Kit


    Osprey' Hose Magnet Kit allows you to secure non-magnetized hydration systems to the sternum strap on your pack. Improve the efficiency of your on-the-fly hydration delivery by upgrading to a...

  • Hydraulics Quick Connect Kit

    Osprey Packs

    Hydraulics Quick Connect Kit


    The Hydraulics Reservoir Cleaning Kit features a reservoir cleaning brush, delivery system cleaning brush, two cleaning tablets and a drying rack to help clean your reservoir with ease. _x000D_

  • Hydraulics Reservoir Hose

    Osprey Packs

    Hydraulics Reservoir Hose


    When ' time to replace the hose on your existing hydration system, Ospre's Hydraulics Reservoir Hose is the answer. Made of high-quality quarter inch tubing for dependable performance and featuring a...

  • Insulated Hose/Bite Valve

    Osprey Packs

    Insulated Hose/Bite Valve


    Keep water flowing in cold winter months and cool in the heat of the summer-this four-season insulated hose is ideal no matter the season. Featuring closed-cell foam, a heat-reflective coating and...

  • Jet 18

    Osprey Packs

    Jet 18


    The Jet 18 pack offers a simple feature set and comfortable carry in a pint-sized package. Outfitted for the trail, this pack features a large bucket-style opening for easy access on the trail,...

  • Katari 3

    Osprey Packs

    Katari 3


    When you want to carry water on your back-and almost nothing else-the Katari 3 has you covered. Low profile but high quality, you'll reach for this pack before your next quick pedal (or ski, or hike)...

  • Katari 7

    Osprey Packs

    Katari 7


    Want to hit the trail for a quick ride that calls for water and just a few minimal pieces of gear? The low-profile Katari 7 is your go-to pack. A light and airy mesh harness with rolled soft edges...

  • Kestrel 38

    Osprey Packs

    Kestrel 38


    The Kestrel 38 might be smaller than its bigger sibling, but it's just as capable. Perfect for quick overnights or big days out that don't call for quite as much room, the Kestrel is a workhorse...

  • Kestrel 48

    Osprey Packs

    Kestrel 48


    If you need a pack that can handle scraping through sandstone canyons, scrambling up snow-covered peaks, or hauling your gear for a day of trail work, the Kestrel can manage all that and more. For...

  • Kid's Hydrajet 12

    Osprey Packs

    Kid's Hydrajet 12


    Whether it's a play date at a local trail or a family vacation to a National Park, the Hydrajet 12 is the perfect junior companion for kids who can carry their own gear. An included Hydraulics LT 1...

  • Kitsuma 7

    Osprey Packs

    Kitsuma 7


    When you don't need to carry much except water and a few essentials, the women's-specific Kitsuma 7 is an ideal hydration carrying solution for bike rides and beyond. A vertical-zip front compartment...

  • Kyte 36

    Osprey Packs

    Kyte 36


    Big things come in medium-sized packages, as is the case with the women's-specific Kyte 36. Built for demanding backcountry excursions or daily trail work, a simple and effective traditional rucksack...

  • Kyte 46

    Osprey Packs

    Kyte 46


    Exploring the sandstone canyons of the desert, thwacking through routes filled with pokey brush and trees, or clearing wilderness trails with Pulaski ax in hand-this is what the women's-specific Kyte...

  • Nebula

    Osprey Packs



    If we're being honest, the pack we reach for most often probably isn't accompanying us to a mountain summit-it's escorting us to the office or following us to class. (With a mountain of work waiting...

  • Ozone 38L/19.5"

    Osprey Packs

    Ozone 38L/19.5"


    The Ozone Series provides lightweight solutions to maximize your packing efficiency in a variety of volumes for trips both near and far. The Ozone Wheeled Global Carry-On 38L/19.5" provides a global...

  • Ozone 42L/21.5"

    Osprey Packs

    Ozone 42L/21.5"


    When you need to pack as much as possible without hitting airline weight limits, the Ozone Series provides a lightweight option so you can bring as much as you like. The Ozone Wheeled Carry-on 42L/21...

  • Ozone Duplex 60 W's Travel Pack

    Osprey Packs

    Ozone Duplex 60 W's Travel Pack


    The Ozone Duplex 60 Women's Travel Pack offers a new twist on modular travel bags for savvy travelers. The Daypack features a robust, capable and comfortable harness and the Cargo Bag secures to the...