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Oboz Footwear

The Oboz line of footwear is carefully constructed to be trail-ready, no matter your terrain. But Oboz is more than amazing footwear. Oboz is about the trail experience. 


They call it Big Sky Country, but for Oboz, it’s 18 million acres of pure inspiration. You'll find it in their name: outside + Bozeman = Oboz. A company made up of associates who are hikers, runners, walkers, bikers and outdoor adventurers is sure to understand what it means to have a lifelong love for hitting the trail. It’s why Oboz designers have been successful at visualizing and creating remarkably comfortable, yet durable, footwear that is up to the challenge, no matter where the trail leads. 


But is this specialty outdoor store only footwear centric? 


The simple answer is no. Because Oboz is committed to a love of the great outdoors, it’s not surprising that this Montana company is devoted to ensuring the great outdoors is available for generations to come by focusing on our planet’s sustainability and its own diversity. In short, Oboz believes a company has an obligation to leave the world a better place. 


Oboz’s One More Tree program—planting a tree for every pair of shoes sold—has resulted in more than 4 million trees planted since the company launched in 2007. Working with Trees for the Future, Oboz supports the Forest Garden approach. This program has resulted in thousands of trees offering human food sources, livestock feed and products for sale, which has resulted in a 400% rise in annual income in the region over four years. 


Oboz’s current Forest Garden project focuses on planting trees in the Tabora region of Tanzania. Each and every pair of Oboz shoes brings about the planting of a tree that can grow to improve the quality of life for those inhabiting the region.


These trees help to clean the air, reforest land scarred by logging and give a boost to the lives of families and farmers in this area of the developing world. 


But Oboz’s commitment to making the world a better place doesn’t stop with planting trees. The company also ensures that 100% of the energy consumed by its office complex comes from green sources like wind, solar and biomass.


Oboz also makes sure to carbon-offset all its shoe shipments, as well as its employee travel and even the office’s utility bill. Through the assistance of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Oboz helps to ensure the ecological, economical and recreational well-being of critical freshwater ecosystems. 


Oboz is also active in the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. Founded in 1983, the organization supports a healthy and wild ecosystem by safeguarding the waters, lands and wildlife that combine to form the ecosystem of Yellowstone National Park.


And because making the world a better place means more than just our natural environment, Oboz is committed to fostering a work community that is open and inclusive of its staff. From employee diversity training to attracting job applicants of color to attracting people of diverse backgrounds to enjoy the trail life, the company is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity and inclusiveness. 


Check out what makes Oboz a trailblazer by seeing our line of Oboz footwear.