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  • Men's Bravado


    Men's Bravado


    In our search to make the perfect krew we created the BRAVADO™. Our quest led us to an artisan supplier that makes the most luxurious, premium long staple 100% organic-certified cotton yarn...

  • Men's Burr Jacket


    Men's Burr Jacket


    The KUHL BURR JACKET is a rugged yet soft canvas classic that’s ready for anything and everything. Featuring 100% combed Cotton canvas with KÜHL’s exclusive Patina finish, the BURR JACKET...

  • Men's Deceptr


    Men's Deceptr


    Don't be deceived by KUHL's newest twist on chino style: the KUHL DECEPTR PANT combines modern style with superior performance. Featuring ultra lightweight TUFFLITE fabric, the DECEPTR delivers tough...

  • Men's Impakt


    Men's Impakt


    The KUHL IMPAKT Jacket is a water repellent-windproof softshell with 4 way strech. Articulated elbows, multiple arm panels, underarm gussets with grid back for breatheablitiy and freedom of movement...

  • Men's Interceptr 1/4 Zip


    Men's Interceptr 1/4 Zip


    The KUHL INTERCEPTR 1/4 ZIP features ALFPACA GOLD fleece for performance, durability and warmth. An upgrade from the original, ALFPACA GOLD uses a ring-spun process for greater softness and...

  • Men's Interceptr Full Zip


    Men's Interceptr Full Zip


    Wear your love for the winter on your jacket sleeve. The INTERCEPTR Men's Jacket is made for winter outdoor activity enthusiasts. It features high-quality technical fabrics for superior warmth,...

  • Men's Interceptr Hoody


    Men's Interceptr Hoody


    The KUHL INTERCEPTR HOODY features ALFPACA GOLD fleece for performance, durability and warmth. An upgrade from the original, ALFPACA GOLD uses a ring-spun process for greater softness and durability...

  • Men's Kommando Crew


    Men's Kommando Crew


    The KUHL KOMMANDO CREW features rugged styling and 100% combed and peached Organic Cotton for soft, strong 'on command' performance on any mission. Flatlock seams deliver next-to-skin comfort,...

  • Men's Kruiser Short


    Men's Kruiser Short


    The Kruiser can take the heat. It's lightweight recycled nylon stretches while actually lowering your skin temperature. The textured fabric and elastic mesh waistband speeds dry time. Maximum sun...

  • Men's Kuhl Denim


    Men's Kuhl Denim


    The KUHL DENIM Men's Pant is cut from our exclusive heavyweight performance denim. Highlighted by impressive stretch and phenomenal rebound, these pants maintain both fit and form over extended wear...

  • Men's KUHL Team 1/4 Zip


    Men's KUHL Team 1/4 Zip


    The KUHL Team 1/4 zip Men's Sweater is the way to go when you know you need a light weight merino wool sweater as a performance layer all day long. The 1/4 zip will let you easily regulate your temp...

  • Men's Outsidr


    Men's Outsidr


    The unique design of the OUTSIDR Men’s Pants is geared for a singular purpose: freedom of motion. Cut from KUHL’s lightweight and quick drying UBERKUHL™ STRETCH Fabric, these pants will not hold you...

  • Men's Radikl


    Men's Radikl


    Our staff pick for the most comfortable and best fitting men’s hiking pants.    A year-round performance pant that is casual enough to wear with your everyday outfit. The stretch...

  • Men's Radikl Short 8" Inseam


    Men's Radikl Short 8" Inseam


    Man's fundamental nature is being out in the wild. And the RADIKL Men's Short 8 allows you to be as free as the places you explore. The modern design features a 8" inseam with knit fabric panels to...

  • Men's Ramblr


    Men's Ramblr


    The updated KUHL RAMBLR SHORT is cut from UBERKUHL STRETCH fabric to keep up with the Ramblin' man. The next generation of bi-component fabric, UBERKUHL STRETCH is stronger, lighter and dries faster...

  • Men's Renegade Pant


    Men's Renegade Pant


    The updated KUHL RENEGADE PANT opposes conventional thought to deliver superior performance, comfort and style. Cut from innovative DURALUX, the durable softshell fabric feels like cotton to the...

Kuhl Apparel

What if you could combine unbeatable performance with feel-good comfort? KUHL hopes that its line of outdoor apparel and products will do just that. 


As one of the very few remaining independent, privately owned companies in the outdoor apparel and gear space, KUHL has never lost sight of its founding principle: to provide its customers with the highest quality products. 


Of course, it hasn’t been easy. But few worthwhile things are easy. Plus, KUHL believes that its customers can appreciate exactly what it’s like to face steep competition and unyielding challenges while trying to remain true to oneself and true to the core value of always doing what’s best.


That core value applies not just to the manufacturing of its products, but to its customers, employees and the surrounding communities that KUHL has touched. All can rest assured that KUHL will always choose its own path and follow its passion. It’s not just a quaint company motto—it’s a statement of freedom and independence. Those are values that KUHL customers and employees alike hold dear. 


You won’t see KUHL’s products go on sale. The company refuses to provide anything “second best.” Sourcing only the highest quality materials from sustainable sources and ethically minded partners, along with establishing a high bar for its manufacturing facilities, KUHL works to maintain the same premium products that built the company. 


Take KUHL’s Europa 1/4 Zip for men. Or, consider a KUHL flannel shirt, a pair of shorts, pants, vest or turtleneck. Regardless of the style or size, KUHL apparel remains consistent in its durability and wearability. Plus, its products just plain look good and are functional for everyday or that next big adventure. That’s why KUHL’s full line of pants has made a name for itself in the outdoor space. 


KUHL also avoids over-production, something it holds dear to its heart as a fiscally responsible, independent company. This means there is never an overabundance of any one product—another reason you won’t see KUHL products on sale. Overproduction is extremely wasteful, as KUHL is quick to point out. It wastes working capital, resources and time. Put simply, overproduction is harmful to the planet. 


KUHL’s line of premium clothing is meant to inspire the wearer to follow their passion and to support independent businesses, and the independently minded, in all walks of life. Capture that spirit of independence and let it grow from deep inside. In the end, it all comes down to maintaining the highest quality products and sustainable processes and standards. That’s always been the goal from the start and KUHL has always believed that, as an independent company, its reputation is built not on promises but on actions. That, and a passion for inspiring folks from all walks of life to enjoy the great outdoors, is what sets KUHL apart. 


Kuhl is guided by its goal of meeting or exceeding its standards for manufacturing processes. These standards were put into place to support fair labor, animal welfare and positive environmental impact. By staying abreast of the latest practices for creating a healthier environment and utilizing sustainable materials and processes, KUHL plans to continue its goal of manufacturing only the highest-quality products for outdoor enthusiasts.