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  • Folding Cutting Board

    GSI Outdoors

    Folding Cutting Board


    Packable, lightweight cutting and prep board, it makes the ideal food prep surface for either the campground or the backcountry. The lightweight, flexible design makes it easy to pack and lets you funnel your freshly chopped goods right into the cook...

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  • Louisiana Red Beans & Rice - Single Serving

    Backpacker's Pantry

    Louisiana Red Beans & Rice - Single Serving


    Laissez le bon temps rouler! You can’t beat this authentic southern classic! Beans and rice are the pillars of a nutritious vegetarian, high protein meal & you don’t need to cook for hours. Backpacker’s Pantry Louisiana Red...

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  • Peanut Butter & Banana Oatmeal

    Backpacker's Pantry

    Peanut Butter & Banana Oatmeal


      Kick start your day with this delicious vegan hot cereal. The creamy all-natural peanut butter adds a smooth savory balance to the sweet banana and hearty oats. With complex carbohydrates and satiating protein, this is a great filling breakfast...

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  • Delta Long  Spoon

    Sea to Summit

    Delta Long Spoon


    The longer version of Sea to Summit's best-selling Delta Cutlery spoon. No more sticky knuckles as you stretch and scrape for the last morsels of food at the bottom of your food pack!

  • Delta Camp Set

    Sea to Summit

    Delta Camp Set


    The Delta Camp Set combines all the essentials from the Sea to Summit Delta series: a plate, bowl, mug and the 3-piece cutlery set. They come packaged in a handy gusseted mesh pouch allowing wet dishes to air dry and includes a drawstring for ease of use.

  • Delta Cutlery Set

    Sea to Summit

    Delta Cutlery Set


    The Delta Cutlery Set is a short knife, fork, and spoon utensil set designed to fit inside your Delta Bowl when camping. The supplied carabiner can be used to hang or clip the three utensils together. The knife is a part flat blade for easy spreading and...

  • Delta Spork with Knife

    Sea to Summit

    Delta Spork with Knife


    The Delta Spork & Knife has been designed with ease of use and practicality in mind. The integrated spreader knife has a strong cutting edge thanks to its glass-reinforced polypropylene. The profile has been shaped to be comfortable in the mouth and also...

  • Delta Insulated Mug

    Sea to Summit

    Delta Insulated Mug


    The Delta Insul-Mug is a lightweight thermally efficient camping or daily commuting mug that uses a Protex hex pattern base for heat dispersion and weight reduction. The non-absorbing ThermoSkin insulating sleeve offers heat retention and the...

  • Delta Mug

    Sea to Summit

    Delta Mug


    The Delta Mug is a lightweight, durable camping mug that features the patented Protex hex pattern base, which reduces weight and disperses surface temperature.

  • Delta Plate

    Sea to Summit

    Delta Plate


    The Delta Plate has raised edges to keep your food on the plate and off the ground. The base features the patented Protex hex pattern, which reduces weight and disperses the surface temperature so it can be held comfortably with hot foods inside.

  • Delta Bowl

    Sea to Summit

    Delta Bowl


    Delta Bowls are lightweight, easy to clean and can be held easily with the thumb grip placed on the side. The base features the patented Protex hex pattern to reduce weight and help to disperse the surface temperature. They are a durable, BPA-free...

  • Delta Bowl With Lid

    Sea to Summit

    Delta Bowl With Lid


    The Delta Bowl is lightweight, easy to clean and the thumb grip on the side allows you to easily hold the bowl in one hand and eat with the other. The base uses the patented Protex hex pattern, which cuts down weight and also helps disperse surface...

  • X Cup

    Sea to Summit

    X Cup


    The flexible silicone walls of the Sea to Summit X-Cup collapse making it a pocket sized drinking cup you can take anywhere. The rigid ring within the rim means that you can hold the cup safely even when it contains hot liquids. And - when you're...

  • X Mug

    Sea to Summit

    X Mug


    The X-Mug is a collapsible mug that is also calibrated as a measuring cup. The flexible silicone sides collapse making this a small compact disc sized dinnerware piece that nests neatly with other X-Series dinnerware and X-Pots.

  • X Plate

    Sea to Summit

    X Plate


    Stable rigid base with flexible food grade silicone side walls; Collapses flat for compact packing; Cut resistant base is great for chopping and cutting food; BPA free, Note: use caution when microwaving solid foods

  • X Bowl

    Sea to Summit

    X Bowl


    The X-Bowl is made from flexible, food grade silicone that collapses easily to form a small disc that can slide into any pack with ease. The Nylon base may be used as a cutting board when the X-Bowl is flipped upside down, making it a multi-purpose and...

  • X Pot 1.4 Liter

    Sea to Summit

    X Pot 1.4 Liter


    The Backpacker magazine Editors' Choice award was bestowed upon the X-Pot in 2015 for its innovation, space-saving capability and functionality features. The real beauty of X-Cookware is its ability to collapse and nest neatly with other pieces in the...

  • Energy Chews

    Honey Stinger

    Energy Chews


    Sweetened with organic honey and tapioca syrup, these chews provide a natural and sustainable source of energy with multiple carbohydrate sources: glucose, fructose, maltose and sucrose.

  • Gluten Free Organic Waffle

    Honey Stinger

    Gluten Free Organic Waffle


    A thin layer of honey infused sandwiched between two thin waffles. The Gluten-Free all-time classic flavors with honey will satisfy your taste buds and keep you going as an afternoon snack, during your favorite activity or go great with your cup of...