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  • Astro Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich

    Backpacker's Pantry

    Astro Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich


    What is better than a sweet and creamy Ice Cream Sandwich while out backpacking or hiking? Except for maybe a Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich? These are our two flavors of Freeze-dried Ice Cream in a pouch. And we cant keep them in stock they are so good!...

  • Organic Blueberry Walnut Oatmeal w/ Hemp and Quinoa

    Backpacker's Pantry

    Organic Blueberry Walnut Oatmeal w/ Hemp and Quinoa


    Get ready for a day of outdoor activities with a warm and hearty multi-grain breakfast cereal that will keep you satisfied through lunch. With Organic blueberries, walnuts, oats, and quinoa, this is one healthy start to your day. Breakfast can be on the...

  • CrunchIt Fuel Canister Recycling Tool


    CrunchIt Fuel Canister Recycling Tool


    Safe, fool-proof, and compliant with recycling standards, Crunch It punctures Jet power (and certain other) butane fuel canisters, making them recycling bin ready. Because there's nothing less efficient than throwing things away.

  • 1.5L Ceramic FluxRing Cook Pot Carbon


    1.5L Ceramic FluxRing Cook Pot Carbon


    Expand your backcountry kitchen options without packing space-hogging traditional cookware with the FluxRing 1.5-liter cooking pot. The pot's wide-open form factor makes it easy to simmer sauces and cook meals for small groups. Folding wire handles and...

  • Coffee Press - Silicone


    Coffee Press - Silicone


    Jetboil’s NEW coffee press with a silicone ring guarantees the best brew in the backcountry or steam your favorite fish and vegetables! The stem and basket detach to easily stow in your cup. This size coffee press is compatible with Jetboil Flash,...

  • Ultralight Java Drip

    GSI Outdoors

    Ultralight Java Drip


    The ethereal Ultralight Java Drip comes in an ultra-compact design that nests under any standard fuel cartridge, so who says you can't keep your pack light and drink your coffee too? Step out of your tent and drip-brew some bold, backcountry bliss.

  • Energy Chews

    Honey Stinger

    Energy Chews


    Sweetened with organic honey and tapioca syrup, these chews provide a natural and sustainable source of energy with multiple carbohydrate sources: glucose, fructose, maltose and sucrose.

  • Grande Coffee Press - Silicone


    Grande Coffee Press - Silicone


    Jetboil’s NEW coffee press with a silicone ring guarantees the best brew in the backcountry or steam your favorite fish and vegetables with the Grande Coffee Press. Simply keep the basket up until your coffee has steeped, then press the basket down to...

  • Pot Support


    Pot Support


    Safely use your cookware on a stove with the Jetboil Pot Support. The support attaches to most Jetboil burners to accommodate Jetboil's skillet, 1.5L FluxRing cooking pot, or a variety of traditional pots and pans. Securely lock the support to the burner...

  • Jetset Utensil Set


    Jetset Utensil Set


    Enjoy the comforts of your dining table without hauling heavy silverware along with the Jetset utensil set. Jetboil's high-temperature nylon designs can withstand the heat, making them perfect for cooking and stirring food on your Jetboil cook stove...

  • Expedition Service Kit WL/WLI/WLU

    MSR Gear

    Expedition Service Kit WL/WLI/WLU


    An extended trip far away from home is no place to remember you forgot to replace that worn-out O-ring. But it happens. Be prepared for anything with our Expedition Service kits. They provide comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions for your...

  • Creme Brulee

    Backpacker's Pantry

    Creme Brulee


    Backpacker’s Pantry Crème Brulee is our bestselling dessert in fact it flies off the shelves at REI. Not only is it convenient and easy to prepare, but it is flavorful and delicious. You will be transported to France with this gourmet...

  • Risotto w/ Chicken

    Backpacker's Pantry

    Risotto w/ Chicken


    Our version of a classic Italian dish. These risotto is not quite the real thing, but tastes like it! A creamy blend of parmesan cheese, rice, broccoli, corn, onion, bell pepper, and tomato makes this comfort food one to remember.

  • Lasagna

    Backpacker's Pantry



    This lasagna is traditional Italian comfort food with an adventure-friendly, and vegetarian, twist. We use a hearty and organic soy protein in lieu of ground beef — and you may have never known the difference. We never skimp on the spices, so your...

  • MiniMo Stove


    MiniMo Stove


    Built with backpackers in mind, the Jetboil MiniMo cooking system combines Jetboil's tried-and-true efficiency and versatility with a convenient form factor. Powered by FluxRing technology, the MiniMo reaches a rolling boil in just over two minutes with...

  • Three Cheese Mac & Cheese

    Backpacker's Pantry

    Three Cheese Mac & Cheese


    After a day of outdoor fun, theres nothing like a warm bowl of cheesy goodness to knock out those hunger pains. This camp-friendly spin on a traditional comfort food is full of flavor! Our mac and cheese is a rich, creamy blend of Parmesan, Romano, and...

  • Kathmandu Curry

    Backpacker's Pantry

    Kathmandu Curry


    We cant transport you to the Himalayas, but the adventurous spirit of those iconic peaks certainly inspired this dish. Our chef created this Kathmandu curry to warm souls and nourish active bodies, combining lentils, brown rice, potatoes, peas, and...

  • Louisiana Red Beans & Rice

    Backpacker's Pantry

    Louisiana Red Beans & Rice


    Treat yourself to a taste of the Bayou! Our easy to prepare Louisiana Red Beand and Rice will have your tast buds singing. One of our original meals. Just add two and half cups of boiling water directly to the pouch and wait twenty minutes. Goes great...

  • Chana Masala

    Backpacker's Pantry

    Chana Masala


    Youll get two servings from this pouch, but we doubt youll want to share. Our spin on this classic Indian curry dish from the Punjab region features delectable chickpeas in a blend of chilies and rice. Its also high in protein and calories, making it the...