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KEEN Footwear

KEEN Footwear

Keen Footwear

Need a little lift in your step? Keen footwear is your answer. Our line of KEEN boots and shoes provide you with comfort and style, wherever the road may lead. KEEN offers everything from all-terrain shoes and boots to high-performance water shoes and sandals--all featuring lightweight cushioning and all-day arch support. 


The best part? KEEN has you covered because its footwear is more than functional—it looks great as well. 

What else would you expect from a company that has become a social and environmental activist that produces shoes that make a difference? It’s what the company calls the KEEN effect.


For example, each and every KEEN boot, sandal and sneaker purchased will have the positive impact of funding programs that make the outdoors and the trades more accessible to all, while also supporting measures to clean up the planet so generations to come will experience its beauty, unhindered. 


Programs like its Kids Grants help to connect kids with the natural world around them in ways they would not otherwise have been able to experience. The result is a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors.


Through its She Builds Grant program, KEEN is able to provide support for women and girls as they put their skills and talents to work exploring the trades. Whether learning masonry, fastening roof trusses or any other skilled trade job in between, KEEN helps make it possible for these capable women and girls to push their boundaries and pursue their passions. 


Keen has committed over $1 million over five years to the She Builds Grant program to ensure a solid foundation for the next generation of female trade workers in North America. Support goes to non-profits like Oregon Tradeswomen, Girls Garage and Black Women Build – Baltimore. 


Besides opening doors and making new opportunities possible, KEEN is making a difference by solving problems that often go ignored. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, black children are 5.5 times more likely to drown in a swimming pool than white children. Recognizing that learning to swim is a lifesaving--and life-enhancing--skill, KEEN is dedicated to making sure that everyone feels comfortable, whether in the backyard pool or exploring some of nature’s amazing waterways.


That’s why KEEN supports the efforts of the non-profit Outdoor Afro, a growing network organized to inspire and celebrate connections between the black community and nature. Its venture into offering “swimmerships” (scholarships for swim lessons) is making new waves and ensuring lessons are accessible to all, including black children and adults. 


Enhancing the lives of others extends to ensuring a healthier planet for all. Through its active membership in The Conservation Alliance, KEEN has seized a number of amazing opportunities to support sustainability, conservation and protection of public lands.


Knowing that improving the health of the planet we live on is a huge job, KEEN encourages individuals to visit the digital Call to Action information on its website, select an issue you’re passionate about and then call, email and tweet elected officials to support conservation efforts and oppose actions detrimental to the planet. 


Be sure to check out our line of KEEN footwear.