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  • Small Micron

    Black Diamond

    Small Micron


    An attractive, shiny, metal accessory biner perfect for attaching climbing shoes, water bottles and keys to your pack. (sold in single units and colors may vary)

  • Bouldering Brush - Small

    Black Diamond

    Bouldering Brush - Small


    Featuring tapered bristles to reach those hard to access holds and an ergonomic handle for hand clearance while scrubbing holds, the BD Boars' Hair bouldering brush keeps your project clean for the next burn. When the holds on your project need a good...

  • Finger Tape - 1/2" Roll

    Metolius Climbing

    Finger Tape - 1/2" Roll


    100% cotton athletic tape, improved adhesive and fabric. Includes illustrated, step-by-step taping instructions. Be sure to check out the video links above for instructions on taping for split finger tips.

  • Basic Pad

    Metolius Climbing

    Basic Pad

    A stripped-down version of the Session II Crash Pad that makes a great entry level pad or is a great addition to the quiver. Suitcase-style carry handles, waist belt and padded shoulder straps. 4” sandwich foam design for maximum impact absorption and...

  • Torque Nut Tool

    Metolius Climbing

    Torque Nut Tool


    The Torque is the ultimate big wall nut tool. Built-in wrenches fit all common bolt sizes. The unique curved design lets you get behind nuts to hook and pull and the tapered nose allows easy access to the tiniest nuts. Its hooked nose is perfect for cam...

  • Multi Wrench

    Metolius Climbing

    Multi Wrench


    The Metolius Multi Wrench is a must have for any home climbing wall that fits the two standard allen wrench sizes

  • Cam Lube

    Metolius Climbing

    Cam Lube


    Our patented, wax formula gives your cams ultra-smooth performance, and seals out dirt and moisture. It goes on wet, and sets up dry. Self-cleaning action reduces wear by shedding dirt.

  • Climbing Tape - Split

    Black Diamond

    Climbing Tape - Split


    Protect your skin and support your fingers with this 1 1/2" split roll of BD climbing tape, pre-split into 1" and 1/2" strips so you can doctor up those flappers with accurate precision.