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Carry-On Luggage

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  • Black Hole MLC


    Black Hole MLC


    Made from our trusted Black Hole fabric, the MLC (Maximum Legal Carry-On) is undoubtedly the toughest, most travel-impervious travel bag you can ever stuff into an overhead bin. Soft-sided and cleanly designed, this versatile bag holds three to five dayd...

  • Transporter Global Carry On Bag

    Osprey Packs

    Transporter Global Carry On Bag


    With a sleek silhouette that matches your approach to travel, the Transporter Global Carry-On is a streamlined solution for efficiency on the road. As its name suggests, it's designed to meet most global carry-on size regulations-reach for it to...

  • Transporter Carry On Bag

    Osprey Packs

    Transporter Carry On Bag


    Created for travelers who desire versatile carrying options, the rugged Transporter Carry-On is a reliable companion for an on-the-go lifestyle. A deployable backpack harness, an over-the-shoulder strap and padded briefcase-style handles mean one bag can...

  • Transporter Wheeled Global Carry On

    Osprey Packs

    Transporter Wheeled Global Carry On


    You travel often. You've got packing down to a science. You don't bring that fourth shirt and third pair of shoes because you know they won't ever make it out of the bag. You're efficient and organized-and you need luggage that is too. Enter the...

  • Ozone 42L/21.5"

    Osprey Packs

    Ozone 42L/21.5"


    When you need to pack as much as possible without hitting airline weight limits, the Ozone Series provides a lightweight option so you can bring as much as you like. The Ozone Wheeled Carry-on 42L/21.5" hits most US carry-on requirements with a 14"...