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Car Racks

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  • Skyline (4 Pack)

    Yakima Racks

    Skyline (4 Pack)


    Roll your own way - the SkyLine Towers work with our LandingPads to create a customizable, mega-versatile, super easy-to-use system that easily handles your unique personality and extensive range of gear.

  • Timberline (4 Pack)

    Yakima Racks

    Timberline (4 Pack)


    Extend your capacity - the TimberLine attaches to factory racks with raised side rails to expand your carrying capacity and deliver maximum rooftop versatility. Secure and super-sleek, they are quiet, simple to install and work with all of our bars.

  • JetStream

    Yakima Racks



    Step up to the completely new Yakima bar. Thoroughly wind tunnel tested, the JetStream's JetFlow design is exceptionally aerodynamic, incredibly strong, lightweight, and really quiet on the move. The root of a modern rack system, it carries a lot and...

  • EasyTop

    Yakima Racks



    Super simple, the EasyTop is an instant roof rack. Strap it on top of almost any vehicle to carry up to 80 lbs of long, flat gear - from skis and snowboards to boats and surfboards.It installs in minutes - just loop it through the door frames and buckle...

  • Anchor Straps

    Yakima Racks

    Anchor Straps


    Create up to two mounting points for Bow/Stern tie-downs on virtually any vehicle. Includes two nylon webbing straps that can mounted directly to the vehicle, inside the hood.

  • RoundBar SL Adapter

    Yakima Racks

    RoundBar SL Adapter


    With more than a quarter century of real-world testing, Yakima's iconic round bar is proven across a range of adventures and under a variety of loads. Strong, utilitarian and easy to use - this classic is a classic for a reason.Bar adapter that allows...

  • Ridgeline (4 Pack)

    Yakima Racks

    Ridgeline (4 Pack)


    Take sleek to a new level - the ingenious RidgeLine Towers integrate with flush-mount factory side rails so you can build a real rack that carries more. Strong and versatile, they attach easily and have a sleek design that aligns with your vehicle's...

  • BaseClip (Set of 2)

    Yakima Racks

    BaseClip (Set of 2)


    Tailor your towers - these super-strong clips come in a wide range of sizes and designs so you can precisely fit your BaseLine Towers to your car's naked roof.

  • Hood Anchor

    Yakima Racks

    Hood Anchor


    Our Hood Anchor creates a secure attachment point at your hatch, trunk or hood for bow and stern tie downs.Sold in pairs, they're highway-speed strong, coated to protect your vehicle's paint job, and super easy to use - just drop them in place.

  • SkyBox 21 Carbonite

    Yakima Racks

    SkyBox 21 Carbonite

    Textured lid - the next evolution of the SkyBox series. Get your friends in the car and your gear into a SkyBox. Versatile, yet sleek and aerodynamically designed to reduce drag and wind noise. Internal lid stiffeners add rigidity while the...

  • SkyBox 18 Carbonite

    Yakima Racks

    SkyBox 18 Carbonite

    New textured lid - the next evolution of the SkyBox series.Get your friends in the car and your gear into a SkyBox. Versatile, yet sleek and aerodynamically designed to reduce drag and wind noise. Internal lid stiffeners add rigidity while the...

  • RocketBox Pro 14

    Yakima Racks

    RocketBox Pro 14

    You never know what all your happy campers are going to bring, so go big with the RocketBox 14. It's roomy, yet aerodynamic. Perfect for the family camping trip or any big haul. It's like a second trunk for your roof.

  • RocketBox Pro 12

    Yakima Racks

    RocketBox Pro 12

    The sleek, wide form of the RocketBox 12 is perfect for road trips in compact cars and hatchbacks. Our shortest box ensures you'll have plenty of room to open your hatchback, yet roomy enough to add substantial cargo space to your vehicle.

  • Showdown

    Yakima Racks



    The first load-assist mount to handle both SUPs and kayaks, makes loading and unloading heavy boats and boards a breeze. The lightweight mount tilts down more than two feet from the roof rack, takes on up to 45% of the boat's weight, then helps gently...

  • JayLow

    Yakima Racks



    There may be divas on your road trip, but this boat carrier is very low maintenance. With multiple settings, the JayLow allows you to carry one boat in J-Cradle position, two boats in vertical position plus folds down when not in use.

  • Landing Pad 14 (Set Of 2)

    Yakima Racks

    Landing Pad 14 (Set Of 2)


    Landing Pad providing a custom fit for the 2012-2016 Honda CRV. If you have a vehicle with fixed points or rails, the Landing Pads are the foundation to start with. Pair with versatile SkyLine towers or Control Towers to make easy and secure tower system...