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We Open May 20th

We Open May 20th

May 18th 2020

We are excited to announce that we are opening our store for business on May 20th. We are looking forward to seeing you and we're anxious to get back to our routine of offering the best customer service and top quality gear. Obviously, there will be changes throughout the store for everyone's safety.

First and foremost, we want to thank all of our loyal customers for the incredible support through this uncertain time. You have kept us busy with the phone ringing, curbside service, local deliveries and website orders throughout this ordeal and for that we are genuinely appreciative of your loyalty.

In order to be able to reopen, we have instituted safety measures to keep everyone healthy and comfortable in the store. Please take a look at the following list:

Employee Safety:

Needless to say, our employees are our lifeblood. We have to do everything we can to keep them safe throughout this time. Every day, every employee will be screened at the employee entrance of the store by having their temperatures taken and each employee will be asked a series of current health condition questions. If any employee has a fever or their health condition is abnormal, that employee will be sent home, and their health will continue to be monitored. In addition, all employees are required to wear masks and we will be wearing gloves at the cash register, in the footwear department, for curbside service and wherever else our employees feel that they should wear gloves.

We have spent the last few weeks trying to make the proper adjustments to our store to make you feel safer as well!

Customer Safety:

Curbside service is still available and there will be reserved parking that will be marked in the parking lot for this service. We have a few set questions that we ask during this process so that you and our staff member have communicated thoroughly enough to meet everyone’s expectation as to how the transaction should occur. Finally, our website is open for business with free shipping for orders of $50+ and curbside pickup available. Feel free to call us at (859) 278-0730 with any questions and we would be happy to walk you through how any of these services work.

Upon entry of the store, you will find hand sanitizer, face masks for customer use and gloves for customer use. We request that you utilize all of these so that you have a safe experience in our store, as well as help us to protect our employees. All multiple touch surfaces will be disinfected frequently throughout each day.

Adjusted Store Hours:

We will be open from 10am-7pm during the week, 10am-5pm on Saturday and 12pm-5pm on Sunday. This is an adjustment of one hour at the end of the day so that our staff can focus on cleaning the store after we close.

Comfortable & More Socially Distanced Walkways:

We have moved the aisleways of most of our departments so that customers can safely shop while social distancing. Our aisles historically have gone around the perimeter of specific departments, but now some of our aisles go straight through the departments or split them in half, so that multiple customers can shop a department and not have to worry about being too close to each other.

Social Distancing Customer Lines That Are Marked:

We have marked the floor with tape around all counters that may produce a customer line. This includes both cash registers and the climbing department counter. Our footwear department will also have a max capacity of 6 customers and the floors are taped in that department to give everyone an indication of social distancing guidelines.

Disinfected Dressing Rooms & Tried On Product:

Our dressing rooms will be open. After each use, we will disinfect the interior, bench, mirror, hardware and door knobs of the dressing room. All items that are tried and not purchased will be removed from the sales floor and steamed. Those items that can’t be steamed will be removed from the sales floor for 72 hours.

Returned Items:

All returned items will be immediately taken off of the sales floor and steamed. If the item can’t be steamed, then the product will remain off of the sales floor for 72 hours.


Our public restroom will be closed until further notice.

Safe & Touchless Checkout Process Available:

We intend to utilize one register per hour on the hour, then close that register and deep clean it, while opening/utilizing the other cash register. Each cash register is equipped with a sneeze guard. We have deactivated the touch pad and signature screen of our credit card machines so that you can have a touchless experience. We would prefer to email you your receipt but we are plenty capable of handing you your receipt through the sneeze guard, if that is your preference. You will find hand sanitizer as you approach our exit door.

We thank you for your support during these unprecedented times, in adapting to all of the new changes we face as a community. Please be patient with us as we adapt to all of the new changes. We are getting through this because we are stronger together!

J&H Management & Staff