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Pricing - No Secrets Here!

Pricing - No Secrets Here!

Apr 13th 2021

Many of our customers are curious about how items are priced, and why some are rather expensive. When you are shopping the premium brands and products that we offer, you do usually pay more than you might for other brands offered at discount or big box stores. We believe that our products are superior products that will provide you with superior performance. Our products should fit better, perform better for the task, and last longer. This all adds up to be better value for you, and a more enjoyable, safer experience.

You may not be aware that we do not choose how a product is priced. The prices that you see are determined entirely by the manufacturer. There are rules that require us to sell at specific prices in our store and on our website. These rules are referred to as MAP policies (Minimum Advertised Price). All of our prices are set at MAP. Defying these rules risks loss of the right to sell that brand.

This doesn't mean that nothing ever goes on sale! There are time windows, again determined by the manufacturer, when you will find sale prices in our store and on our website. At the end of each season is also a good time to shop for sales and don't forget to check for discontinued items for deeply discounted pricing.

You can be confident that our pricing is fair and in accordance with our brands' requirements.